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A Lemming, A Pool Slide
*this is from the new book, due soon, i promise*

A Lemming, A Pool Slide

Oh! Make it an easy death.
Let those rattles that chase me
direct me to an easy path-
Let me slip gently into your
skeletal arms,
your bone fingers.
Let them surround me quietly,
let there be no crunching.

We run in groups often-
Fast on a motorway with
the top down,
shooting through the sky
by giant vacuums,
lying in bed breathing cancers,
ignoring viruses,
studying the veins of our eyelids,
our little pulled-down blinds.

Let the flowers come first
like soft cots,
floating hammocks.

Let the procession be quiet and urgent!
Let it be a parade of lemmings,
A sightless festival,
an orgy to the sea.

- Tuesday, August 21, 2007

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