Indiana the Island, by Todd A. Gresley
Indiana the Island
Indiana The Island is my first book. I want to thank many of you for your pre-orders. It's coming September 10. You can buy the book for $13.00 US online via PayPal. PayPal is very safe and easy to use; you can find out about it here. Use the button below to begin. Once you are finished, you should recieve your copy in the mail in a few days! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.
The poems in this book were written between 1994 and 2000. Most of them encompass my life in Indiana... growing up in a place where I didn't quite fit in (do any of us?) and never felt complete. It is about the land of Hoosiers, the mystery of sexuality with straight boys and the mystery of the gay boys as well... It's about death. It's about the loss of love, the dying of love for a place, and the longing to be someplace new, someplace fresh, someplace where the pieces fit. It is about death as well as breathing. It is about saying goodbye. It is about memories and being fearless... it is about being afraid of yourself, or others, and first kisses. I hope you enjoy it. These poems are my children and they're dressed and ready for you to take care of. And please, let them take care of you. And while you're at it, contact me and tell me how you are, and how you enjoy (or do not enjoy!) my poetry.