Poem of the Week

* i'm writing this now as i sit. no editing, no revisions. just how i feel at this moment. *

why have i taken this drink
when all i want is you?
i want to see you with clear eyes
and a steady hand to point with.

but what i see is a colorful bird
in blues and whites
lifeless in the mud.
its broken wings are wet
and mouth open in a silent call.

there's a comet overhead.
it's green and smeared across the darkening
sky like christmas frosting.
it mocks the bird with all of its grace.

i cut my arm with a sharp stone
and try to keep my head up to see
you smiling at me.
you're as blurry as a mummy in this bar.
i'm becoming toothless.

i see a lion with a curly mane
drinking from an ornate fountain.
his tongue looks rough
and his eyes are unblinking stars from cassiopeia
and his tail is tucked away.

behind the lion is a hungry dragon
with scales shimmering in the moonlight.
his tongue forks out as he creeps
up on this thirsty lion.
he is very silent.

i'm wishing you would ask me to come over.
i can't hear what you say
because i'm thinking of you shirtless.
a true lover, unabashed and beckoning me
to be a part of you,

an illuminating comet,
a refreshing fountain.

but i find that all pretty pictures
have a backing covered in tape,
staples, and cobweb against
a setion of wall that is never seen,
unless we remove the beauty.

i removed you today.
look at the dust lines and spiderwebs on the wall.

look at me. alone.
- Monday, February 05, 2007

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