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Wandering Around To Find A Place To Sit
* i wrote the most ridiculous poem back in september (sept 31st actually) and reread it today and had a real laugh. i thought i'd share it with you here, unrevised, just written as it was the drunken day i jotted it down. enjoy xoxo *

Wandering Around To Find A Place To Sit

It's not a big deal really.
Marco Polo did it.
But that's just it!
I'm sitting now.
My head is wandering
to find a place to sit.
My legs mean nothing to me
at this moment.
in fact, they're sort of in my
way at this picnic table.

The sun is on my back.
It's the afternoon in September.
I wandered to the south years ago
so it feels like midsummer.

I stayed here.
I'm still wandering though,
Even in my sleep.
My legs twitch,
my brain lights up like neon.

There's a map with no end.
It's in my lap now.
It's not a big deal really.
Ernest Hemmingway did it.
- Sunday, November 19, 2006

* i wrote this is miami on january 23rd, 2005. i was drinking a bloodymary, alone, at the hard rock cafe, because, well, it was the only bar close to me that night.*


did I like you more because
you are from morocco
or was it the intense
revolving of eyes closed
and twisting tongues?

i cannot be alone.
i tire at the thought of
leaving you behind,
watching the borders melt away,
seeing our quick love die

with the cold wind that
whooshes in when i roll
the window down to
smoke a cigarette
driving as quickly as i do.

you called me.
we talked and laughed about
last night.
i went to the bar.
you never came.
- Thursday, November 09, 2006

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