Monday, March 23, 2009

holy mackerel!
are y'all mad at me?? lol i've been so busy... so much to do in the springtime! yesterday i got a little sunburned hosting the 30 year anniversary kick-off party of the montrose softball league- a complete honor to be a part of that! pictures soon i hope... i just had a birthday... i'm an all-grown-up 35 years young as of last week! but for now i want to share with y'all some pictures from last winter that i'd forgotten about! enjoy! and happy spring!

once again, i went to texas renfest... had a blast, as usual...

i felt a little devilish...

this cute red faerie came up to our group and joined us for a while...

a month later (december 2008) my friends sean and josh and i went to galveston to prove to the world that the island is still there!!

we started the day at the 3rd coast bar for bloody marys and pool.

word up...

yo yo! josh is kickin' it old skool!


the flagship hotel... the only pier left standing in galveston after hurricane ike- but it is inaccessible as the drive washed away... and there are huge holes in the walls on the opposite side...

josh and toddicus proving the beach is still there...

told ya!!

a toast to my weekend home!!

and as you can see here, by december of 2008, carnival cruise lines were porting in galveston again.

sean and me acting like a bunch of teenagers.

just before this picture was taken i overheard a lady say to her husband something like, "gee, there aren't as many people here as there were last year" or something foul like that, and myself, who went there to spend money and support the island (and by support i mean buying beer and drinks) and by now was a bit tipsy, told the lady, "hey lady! ya think a freakin' hurricane might've just blew through here and devastated the island???" it thought her husband was going to kill me, but he was probably too mortified by his wife's stupidity.

for those of you who come to my show at guava lamp, you'll recognize this picture from the flatscreen tvs. : )

since sean is in the military, we decided to walk the streets and turn some heads by being pretty gay : P i have to tell you, nobody really noticed. i guess will & grace really did soften people lol

i love this picture. the boys and i headed to the beach for an impromptu photo shoot for the show at guava.

i had to spin because i get so excited by the ocean, even after all these years.

if you look closely at the banister i'm holding, you'll see it's bent from the tidal surge during hurricane ike.

goodbye lovers... see you soon.


- Monday, March 23, 2009

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