Poem of the Week

* i honestly have no idea when i wrote this. i found it and really liked it- i don't remember writing it though... but it was in my handwriting in one of my journals. enjoy it. *

Had it only been glass
between us as you raised
your hand to say goodbye?

How many panes were there?
Let's see.
The station window,
the bus window...

You became a red dot and
then the bus turned the corner.

I took my shoes off.
I cried like a gutter
and ran out of sleeves.

I knew that in eight hours
I'd be drinking in the desert
somewhere alone
where the colors of the sky
at sunset match your hair.

I knew that before
morning I'd be drunk
with dancing ghosts
and old rifles.

You and the snow.
Me and the sand.

It's not fair, is it?
- Saturday, June 03, 2006

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