Poem of the Week

The Linden Tree
* ahh... finally a new poem. this is from the chapter 'jar of the lungs' from my new book, 'the canopic garden', which will hopefully be out in the spring of 2006. *

It is the tree that
winks at me
in the backyard,
hiding moths and grubs,
exploding with bees, and
whistling through woodpecker holes.

You are perfectly shaped,
a tender caretaker
with pinpoint, white blossoms
and deep green, spade-like leaves
next to the grumpy old locust tree
still saying, "hello hello hello."

I buried pennies at your
trunk like a good student
and tied a piece of yarn
around your middle to rid
myself of problems and
sleep with no concern.

And I wonder who cares
for you now, who nods
at you while mowing the lawn,
walking to the shed,
when crossing the creek?
I think of you now,

how in spring you'll be so regal,
as full as a bear's belly,
how you'll hug those birds
and squint and plug your ears
when the woodpeckers demand
your attention.
- Wednesday, November 23, 2005

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