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* i just cut this from the new book.. i couldn't find an appropriate place for it. *


They say it is the worst kind of storm-
how it rattles iced windows
and turns cars upside-down
like frozen turtles
and flashes lightning like
a war photographer in
a nuclear winter.

But it is also so gentle-
how the fire pops and
your toes are on mine
and how it shakes the foundation
while we marvel at its
wintry power-
its big cat growling.

A keen God knows its strength,
knows its cold divorce of
summer strobes and winter blankets,
how they push each other away,
explode the atmosphere,
keep lovers close,
flush out the motorway,
pull down the branches,
splinter eighteen wheelers,
and trap that one day
in a surreal storm.

I say it is my favourite kind of storm.
- Wednesday, September 07, 2005

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