Poem of the Week

For Reading When Drunk
* yikes! been a while since i've posted a poem. sorry- but i'm very busy on the new book. anyway, i found this little number scrawled on a messy piece of paper. hence the title. enjoy *

So it's the drinking that's done me in...
A chipped tooth,
an empty pocket
and a pen.
We wait,
I watch.

Come forth with drinks darling,
set them in front of me
in juice glasses,
in big cups-
bring them to me.
A grimace.

I feel stuffed with cotton.
A scarecrow.
A dander sock.
So lift my head, liquor.
Do it if you will.
I see you!

I've not done my best today.
I've done better
in soft cars,
rocking front porches,
in the middle of the street.
I've drunk more.
- Sunday, August 21, 2005

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