Poem of the Week

You and Mid-April
It was spring and the trees were firecrackers
stuck on an explosive display and
I breathed so deeply
that my lungs were zeppelins
ready to cast away
and my smile a half moon
in a pitch night-
It was spring and the wind
through the windows
was honeyed perfume
and birds hiding in the trees were
invisible boxes of soprano digital sound
with beeps and trills
that carried on all afternoon.

I woke up with a quick stretch,
excited to be home again,
put on my best laundered shirt
and never thought of breakfast.
It was the first day I took coffee and
didn't think of cold weather.
I opened the front door
and sat in my green porch chair
and awaited your arrival at
my red front door like I
waited for spring all winter.
- Wednesday, October 08, 2003

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